Titration & Amplification Of Virus

NanoExpo has developed a quick technology for accurate virus stock titration based on probe-based quantitative PCR (qPCR). The virus is added to a qPCR reaction mix and amplified within 30 minutes using this approach. Following amplification, the number of virus particles is measured against known standards titrated by plaque assay. In our experience, this procedure is just as accurate as the plaque test, however it is not advised for old viral stocks. Our QuickCTtiter kits enable high-throughput screening of possible antiviral compounds.

Additionaly Based on the classic plaque test, our service provides an optimized method for virus titration to obtain an accurate infectious titre of the virus stock. For the QuickCTtiter titration procedure, customers must provide at least 0.05ml of viral inoculum.

The QuickCTtiter titration kits can also be purchased through our online store.