Antiviral Peptide R&D Solution

Viruses are responsible for common infectious diseases such as the flu, cold sores, rubella, stomach flu and warts. Several viral families can cause catastrophic infections including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and Ebola. Viral illnesses are a huge public health issue, with many people being persistently infected. Viruses are responsible for some malignancies. Because virus replication is dependent on host-cell machinery, several antiviral drugs target crucial proteins in this process. Antivirals are drugs that can either prevent viral infection or reduce viral replication. Many small peptides have been shown to be effective against viruses since the beginnings of molecular biology. Antiviral peptides (AVP) are peptides that have the ability to suppress viruses. AVP, in general, has antiviral effects by directly inhibiting the virus, but its inhibitory location and mode of action varies during the virus replication cycle. AVP can be obtained using a variety of means, including mathematical, natural, and biological sources.
Antiviral Peptides can help you reach greater success by delivering antiviral peptide development options. NanoExpo has professionals who are dedicated to your needs. NanoExpo experts can help you specify and choose the target for AVPs. Once the target is chosen, our IT specialists will do high-throughput screening and molecular docking of virtual peptide libraries consisting of all possible combinations of amino acid sequences for short -4-13 aa peptides and will provide you with at least 10 different peptides for further studies. NanoExpo also offers further preclinical assessment of the antiviral activity of AVPs. Our experts in analysis and custom test development can provide you with full support before, during, and after your experiment.