We are specialists in biotechnology, bioengineering, molecular biology , cell culture and virology.


Diagnostic tests

NanoExpo assists in the development and discovery of diagnostic assays, which leads to the commercialization of diagnostic tests and kits. Our resources enable you to compete and succeed in the

Vaccine development

Vaccine development has progressed over time from traditional prophylactic uses to more complex and novel therapeutic products. Understanding the correlation between immunity and protection is one of the most difficult


NanoExpo offers antiviral and antimicrobial testing services that use standardized assays to quantify the effect of your antiviral and antimicrobial test compounds on the growth and infectivity of a wide

Antibody production

NanoExpo provides rabbit polyclonal antisera production services as well as antigen synthesis, antibody purification, and analysis. To meet the needs of each individual customer, projects can be tailored to client-specific

Viruses production

NanoExpo virologists are experts and go-to collaborators for growing, titering, and purifying viruses from a variety of species. We are classified to handle BSL-2 pathogens in our certified biocontainment laboratories.
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