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CBased on their many years of experience, Made for Virology offers a variety of products essential for virology research and a family of quick separation columns.

If you want order any type of VLP that is composed of up to 4 proteins, we can easily produce them!

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NanoExpo is a research and development company whose core consists of highly qualified researchers and a worldwide network of scientific contacts, enabling an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to research and
services. Since 2019, NanoExpo has conducted research while simultaneously developing and implementing new product lines, which are now a part of the newly formed company designed to support virology research. The subsidiary Made for Virology is bringing new solutions and reagents for quick and effective everyday lab essentials

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NanoExpo offers quick and innovative testing services in toxicology, virology, molecular biology, cancer research,
microbiology, and autoimmunologic diseases.

We Offer:

  • recombinant protein production and purification (mammalian, insect and
    bacterial expression system)
  • enveloped and non-enveloped Virus-like paticle production, chimeric VLP design,
    purification and TEM visualisation
  • propagation and amplification of viruses antibody production services
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