Vaccine development

Vaccine research has developed from classic preventive applications to more complicated and new therapeutic items over time. One of the most difficult components of producing a vaccine is determining the relationship between immunity and protection. Vaccine development results in breakthroughs in antigen and adjuvant selection, which contribute to a vaccine candidate’s effectiveness while assuring proper safety testing.

Our team has broad knowledge of vaccine industry services, such as appropriate pre-clinical models and efficacy and safety testing procedures. Our global network of scientific, technical, and regulatory professionals provides vaccine developers with the expertise they require early in the development process, allowing them to boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability while also bringing the safest and most effective vaccines to market.

In terms of Cancer vaccines NanoExpo provides recombinant protein production, chimeric VLPs, mRNA encapsulation into specialized particles, chitosan and silica beads loaded with peptides, and other artificial proteins that meet unique needs.