Diagnostic tests

NanoExpo assists in the development and discovery of diagnostic assays, which leads to the commercialization of diagnostic tests and kits. Our resources enable you to compete and succeed in the commercialization of molecular diagnostic devices, point-of-care tests and immunoassays.

NanoExpo combines specialized expertise and operational excellence in the development of rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests that includes optic, chemic, electrochemic and fluorescent solutions.

Our team handles:

  • Initial design, product development plan, and protocols
  • Development of key components, such as antigens and antibodies
  • Feasibility testing
  • Development and optimization of a prototype assay
  • Laboratory validation and clinical validation on retrospective samples
  • Field studies for full-scale, prospective validation
  • Product documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedures for manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Transfer to manufacturing