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HA full -H1N1


PCR-Gene control Influenza A Virus IVA (H1N1) HA full (Cat. No. PGC002) contains full length Hemagglutinin gene from Influenza A Virus H1N1 stain.

PCR assays can be inhibited by a variety of substances present in samples. Made for Virology’s PCR-Gene controls provide stable, validated copies of selected viral genes that serve as an independent molecular control to validate the efficiency, quality, and reliability of your molecular disease testing. With our internal controls, you will be able to tell the difference between actual target negatives and false negatives caused by template degradation, PCR inhibition, poor pipetting, or cycle conditions.

  • Purified DNA template of the selected viral gene
  • specific target
  • Non infectious
  • Stable
  • Lyophilized

HA full -H1N1


CP1 Orsay


NA full -H1N1


HA full -H1N1


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