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H1A domain of H5 Hemagglutinin (from E.Coli)


WB/ELISA positive control contain full length recombinant H1A domain of H5 Hemagglutinin of Influenza A Virus (IVA) produced in E.Coli(Cat. No. WE01016).

WB/ELISA positive controls from Made for Virology provide stable, validated protein standards for a wide range of human viruses including respiratory tract pathogens, as well as, animal and marine pathogens. Each WB/ELISA positive control contains purified viral protein that can serve as a binding target or an internal control for antibody validation or any antibody based assay such as western blotting or ELISA.

H1A domain of H5 Hemagglutinin (from E.Coli)


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