Cytotoxicity research

NanoExpo offers a range of cytotoxicity and proliferation tests of chemical compounds and products for medical applications (performed in accordance with ISO 10993-5:2009 and ISO 10993-12:2012) for eukaryotic and bacterial cells:

  • Proliferation studies (formazan salts, MTT test)
  • LDH Test (Lipolytic Activity)
  • ROS activity testing
  • Determination of cellular protein concentrations
  • Tests of cellular protein concentrations, min. pro-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory.
  • ELISA enzyme immunoassays (cellular compounds, e.g. chemokines, interleukins)
  • Research on the activity of nanoparticles in in vitro models
  • Research on the properties of endocrine chemicals
  • Testing by Test (YES-YAS)